The property that Camp Kubena sits on began as a hay farm known as Cooper Farm. The LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) bought the property in order to mine it for lignite. The property ended up not being an ideal location for lignite mining so LCRA converted the property into an agriculture education center.

For more than 40 years, an exciting fraternal idea — the quest to establish a family-oriented educational and nature center remained an elusive dream. Camp Kubena is now bringing that vision to life. The mission of Camp Kubena, established as SPJST Education and Nature Center (ENC) in year 2000 by the delegates to the 28th SPJST Convention, is to provide a caring environment in which children, teens, and adults can have a meaningful, educational experience in the outdoors. The vision is to inspirate individuals to develop a personal relationship with the outdoors and become responsible, active members of the community.

In 2009, SPJST Education and Nature Center (ENC) began leasing Cooper Farm from LCRA and set about updating the property with new cabins and activities.Through this long-term lease agreement with LCRA and with funding from SPJST, Camp Kubena opened for operations in 2010. The first full year of operations was in 2011. To date, the facility has provided nature training and recreational activities for numerous fraternal, religious, school, civic, and environmental groups.


In April 2016, SPJST bought the Cooper Farm property from LCRA then took over operations from the ENC in January 2017.

Located approximately 70 miles east of Austin, in Fayette County, Texas, this picturesque region touches the heart of early Czech settlement in Texas where SPJST was founded in 1897. Camp Kubena is a 180-acre site with air conditioned overnight accommodations for up to 160 residents, and a variety of camping, meeting, and team-building facilities which are available to the general public for educational and recreational purposes. SPJST and other youth camps, church and business retreats, overnight cabin rentals, and family reunions are some of the current functions held at Camp Kubena. Activities available include such things as hiking, swimming, high and low ropes challenge courses, archery, and numerous other sports activities. Individuals or organizations who are interested in renting the facilities are encouraged to contact Camp Kubena to schedule a tour of the property.